Tap Creek

The Chicago & North Western Tap Creek Branch


Name: Chicago & North Western Tap Creek Branch
Scale: N (1:160)
Prototype: Chicago & North Western
Locale: the mid-west
Period: 1960 - 1975
Layout style: shelf, point to point
Layout height: 50 inches (128 cm)
Scenery: extruded foam
Backdrop: Aluminum painted blue with glued on landscape photo
Roadbed: cork
Control: DCC (Lenz Digital Plus)

Size: 20 x 112 inches (50 cm x 285 cm)
Plywood on 1 x inches (2 X 1 cm) girders, resting on a commercially available book-shelf
Track and turnouts:
Peco code 55 flextrack and electrofrog turnouts
Length of mainline run:
120 inches (300 cm), but this is mainly a switching layout
Turnout minimum:
no. 6 (Peco medium turnouts)
Minimum radius:
15 inches (40 cm)
Maximum grade: 1.5 percent

Size: 12 x 70 inches (180 x 30 cm)
Benchwork: Plywood on a grid of 2 x inches (67 X 8 mm) pine
Track and turnouts: Handlaid Micro Engineering code 40 nickel silver rail
Length of mainline run: 12 inches (180 cm), but this is a junction only
Turnout minimum: no. 6
Minimum radius: No real curves. Only turnouts.
Maximum grade: no grades

Welcome to Tap Creek

The Tap Creek layout has been dismantled. But it continues to live on these pages.

For my latest modeling efforts please turn to my Summit Blog. You will find a link to it in the menu to the left.

But before you turn to the blog, enjoy these web pages which documents Tap Creek as it once was.