Tap Creek

The Chicago & North Western Tap Creek Branch


This bird's-eye view of the creek shows both bridges. The main line comes in from the left, on the girder bridge. Note the lily-pads in the creek.

The trestle over the Tap creek. CNW 1122, a Life-Like SW-9 model, is heading back to Tap Creek. I like this picture, with the impression of bad weather coming up from the left.

CNW 1664, a SD-7, crossing the creek on the main line.

I got the idea to model a trestle from a picture I found on the Web. I think I found this picture on the cnw-rail.com. (If that is the case, thanks Mike Endres!). At least it shows a grain train passing a trestle somewhere in Iowa. It is C&NW leading and UP trailing.

My model does not look exactly as this bridge, but it was this photo that made me decide to do a trestle

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The Creek

CNW 6910, with some cement hoppers, coming around the bend, nearing Tap Creek.