Tap Creek

The Chicago & North Western Tap Creek Branch


This picture gives an overview of the locomotive service area. The old coaling tower to the left and the water tank in the middle still stand, although we apparently are well into the diesel era.

CNW 1122 has backed up to the freight house to pick up a box car. Another box car is spotted on the team track to the left.


All structures, except the engine house, are scratch built using wood and styrene.

Box cars spotted at the freight house. Less than car-loads (LCL) are still common at Tap Creek.

An EMD SD-7, CNW 1664, about to take a spin on the turntable.

The diesel service pad, with an old coaling tower behind it.

CNW 6910 Falcon Service, an EMD SD40-2, at the service pad.

Yet another view of the freight house.

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Loco Service and Freight