Tap Creek

The Chicago & North Western Tap Creek Branch


A box car is spotted on the interchange siding. The junction is protected with inter-lock signals. The signals are scratch built and feature working signal lights using GRS Super Micro bulbs.

A close-up of the engine shed. The shed has working interior and exterior light.

Here you can see the abandoned turn-table pit, used when steam powered the Tap Creek branch and needed to be turned at the Junction.

CNW 6910 is waiting for the signal to switch to “clear”.

CNW 1120, an EMD SW9, outside the junction engine shed.

Newly assembled and painted farm machinery, to be placed outside the barn which I have recently built. Pictures will appear as this farm scene has been completed.

Gallery 5

The Junction

This picture shows the engine shed at the junction between the Tap Creek branch and the CNW main line. CNW 1122 is parked outside and CNW 402 is passing on the main line. The main line runs straight through, while the branch line diverges to the left (lower right corner on photo).


All track and all turnouts on the Junction section are hand-laid, using Micro Engineering code 40 track.