Tap Creek

The Chicago & North Western Tap Creek Branch


Guided tour The first few photos gives a “panoramic” overview of the layout, starting at the far west, on the junction section, going east and ending at the engine house in Tap Creek. This is followed by a number of close-ups of different scenes on the layout.


The links below leads you to basically the same scenes as shown above, but using photos taken at an earlier time. I have not yet had the courage to discard them. So they remain for the time being.

Old gallery 1 — The Creek

Old gallery 2 — Loco service area and freight house

Old gallery 3 — Industrial Area

Old gallery 4 — Depot and General Store

Old gallery 5 — The Junction


If you instead want to see the progress so far on my new layout, please follow the link to my blog on that subject: Summit layout

Photo Gallery